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For more than 50 years, Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation has been committed to helping financial professionals grow their practices by offering access to quality institutional real estate investment solutions. We have formed enduring relationships with thousands of financial professionals and have had the pleasure of witnessing their success.

Our passion for working with financial professionals extends beyond our role as a premier alternative real estate investment sponsor. We believe we have an obligation not only to help financial professionals grow their business knowledge, but also to support their efforts to expand their practices.

That commitment was a driving force behind our creation of The Inland Academy. We wanted to create a resource of educational programs and thought leadership designed to equip financial professionals with the ability to:

  • Enhance relationships with existing clients
  • Reach and convert new clients in a digital world
  • Elevate their presence and authority with high-quality content
  • Manage disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic with various digital engagement approaches
We invite you to discover the wealth of insights within The Inland Academy.
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Our Success

The reason behind our success is simple. It is the partnerships that we have with you, the financial professional. The Inland Academy is about giving you the tools and resources you have been asking for. It’s not about a product, it’s about education.

You asked us to help educate you on growing your business and we heard you. Register to explore the content and resources we have developed.

We work hard to make sure every financial professional we partner with has access to the best educational content in the industry. Please let us know how it’s working.

Our resources and courses are created with one goal in mind – to offer educational materials that help you grow your business.

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