John Gulino

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GK3 Capital

John Gulino founded GK3 Capital with the strong belief that the traditional asset management distribution model, which relies on promotional marketing and cold calling by salespeople, is no longer an effective, or efficient, way to grow a profitable business.

John is experienced in all facets of distribution from management to direct sales to training and development. Some of the industry’s most respected and innovative financial institutions have entrusted John to represent them. Most recently as an Executive Vice President for Discovery Data, John was charged with consulting with many of the top asset managers in the industry, offering definable and actionable steps to better structure their sales and marketing efforts to increase both assets and revenue.

It was during his tenure at Discovery Data that John was introduced to the evolution in sales and marketing strategies that the most advanced Fintech and software companies were employing—strategies that allowed them to keep pace with how people now make buying decisions in the digital world. This realization, coupled with the knowledge that Asset Management companies were continuing to struggle with their business because they had not adopted these same strategies, offered John the opportunity to be an agent of change.

GK3 Capital helps financial services companies adopt sales and marketing strategies that drive remarkable revenue growth in a digital world.

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