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This all-inclusive resource is packed with industry insights, education, training, and the Inland Investments Marketplace, a streamlined due diligence platform to help RIAs grow their business with institutional-quality real estate investment solutions.

We understand how essential your fiduciary responsibility is to your clients and your practice. That is why we created a site dedicated to the way you research, evaluate, and ultimately make private real estate investment decisions on behalf of your clients.

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Institutional-Quality Investment Options for a Range of Client Needs

As one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate and finance organizations, Inland has delivered value to investors for more than 50 years. We remain just as committed to that objective, and have developed a range of investment solutions to meet the varied needs of your clients.

Topics You Care About. And that Make a Difference.

Our blog is full of articles written by industry experts that are timely and relevant to your practice. We deliver our posts in a regular cadence allowing you to read at your own convenience and use them constructively in your business and with your clients.

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Current Investment Solutions

In today's environment whether you are looking for tax and estate planning strategies, a competitive total return from a non-correlated asset class, a potential inflation hedge, or alternative sources of income for your clients, you may need to look toward alternative options.

Insights to Grow Your Knowledge. And Your Practice.

Our passion for working with RIAs extends beyond our role as a premier alternative real estate investment sponsor. We are committed to expanding your knowledge on an array of real estate investment strategies and enhancing your business development efforts to help grow your practice.

Through a series of videos, guides, templates, and checklists, the Inland Academy provides the insights you need to help create a client experience that elevates your business to new heights.

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Tax Deferral
Real Estate Strategies

RIAs knowledgeable about 1031 exchanges and who can help clients with their real estate investment property transactions are often better equipped to grow their businesses than those who are solely focused on traditional investment management.

Growing Your Practice
in a Digital World

With mostly digital client interactions, you may think that prospecting and growing your AUM will be exceedingly difficult. Yet, for those RIAs who have embraced digital marketing, many would confirm that it need not be challenging at all.

Business Continuation
in a Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way you communicate with prospects and clients. We will introduce you to the most effective digital practices in use today and help you easily incorporate these methods into your business.

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