Inland Venture Partners

Inland Venture Partners, LLC leverages decades of institutional asset management experience to offer opportunistic, value-add and development private equity real estate investment strategies for accredited investors.

Sponsor Objectives

  • • Create value by identifying opportunities where asset performance can be enhanced with financial and operational support
  • • Acquire properties on its balance sheet, when appropriate, and syndicate interests through a series of closed-end funds

Investment Differentiators

  • • Deliver high-quality investment strategies by utilizing Inland’s core capabilities, proven acquisition track record and decades of financing expertise
  • • Grow and improve asset performance by accessing capital
  • • tructured to align interests among operating partners, financial institutions, and investors

There is no guarantee the Sponsor’s objectives will be achieved.

Inland Venture Partners Leadership

Rod Curtis_RIA Marketplace2

Roderick Curtis

Inland Venture Partners

Ravi Bansal-IAS Website

Ravi Bansal

Chief Investment Officer
Inland Venture Partners